Regarding Customer Control according to the Money Laundering Act.
The Money Laundering Act sets extensive requirements for companies subject to reportingon customer control for both new and existing customers, including identification. This identification process often takes time, as the requirements for what is approved identification are strict. The requirements mean that you must consult a notary public to get a certified copy of your ID or physically identify yourself in the office of your service provider, whether it is, for example, a lawyer, accountant, accountant or in real estate.

Everyone who holds a role / relationship with a company that is a customer of ours must be legitimized as identification is a requirement in current money laundering rules.

We deliver this solution in collaboration with Signant, which provides the opportunity to legitimize people in Norway, Sweden and Denmark using BankID.

Available on the company's website

The solution means that the individuals who must identify themselves when creating a new customer relationship or in the event of changes in an existing relationship must simply go to the company's website to carry out the process.

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